"The ONE & ONLY Fried Turkey Food Truck & Caterer!"

It wasn't long before our joking came to reality. The idea of a fried turkey food truck came from our love of fried turkey and the idea that no one else had this concept in a food truck. The name 2 Jive Turkeys started off as just an out-of-the-box name and it stuck. We figured if our food was unique so should be our name. We can't count the number of times people say "2 Jive Turkeys I love the name" and they also love the food! 

2 Jive Crew

It all started while we were in college. Just a couple of fraternity brothers that started their entrepreneurial roots by throwing parties for extra cash.

After college, we kept a close bond that carried us through many weddings, get togethers, holidays, kids, and celebrations. We always worked well together and knew at some point we could start a business together.

In the Fall of 2011, we attended a local food truck event. Back then, food trucks were just beginning to get big in the South Florida area. Immediately, we loved the atmosphere and the food we even joked that we should start our own truck.